Project Description

Statement of Work

Life is not about the beginning or the end, Life is the journey that takes us through our passage of time. The heartfelt moments when something touches us within, the heartache when we are touched by sadness or by the sacrifices made, decisions upheld, or when our heart skips a beat when that someone special walks in the room.

Our life line; our heart, is one of our vital organs. The heart has long been identified as the centre of the entire body, the seat of life, emotion or reason. Thus the heart is seen in many cultures as the core of our spirit or the seat of thought.

Symbolically, emotion of and devotion to are depicted as affairs of the heart. Idiomatic expressions of piercing or broken heart ultimately derive from devotional Christianity where the hearts of Mary or Jesus are depicted as suffering various tortures symbolizing the pain suffered by Christ for the sins of the world and the pain of Mary at the crucifixion of her son.

Width: 10cm
Height: 15cm
Depth: 10cm
Material: Stainless steel rods and studs, Perspex and gal barbed wire.

The work is mounted on a 80cmx 40cm x 40cm plinth and the Heart is encased in a clear Perspex box.