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To me, sculpture is just as much a cathartic process as it is an expressive one

The Raven

The raven is considered a mediator between life and death and many superstitions surround this bird. There are many references to ravens in the world through legends, literature and song. According to one legend, the Kingdom of England would fall if the ravens of the Tower of London are removed. During WWII, most of the [...]

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Pyrmont Festival – Wine food and Art

The Pyrmont Festival is buzzing with a hive of activity. There is an array of food stalls entertainment  and  Mudgee Regional wine. Across the pathway in  Pirrama Park, Sculpture in the Garden - Rosby Wines are hosting  a collection of sculptures made from stone, ceramics, wire ,wood and steel are exhibited over the weekend.   [...]

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The Art House Wyong – Art and Sculpture Show

The Art House  - Performing Arts and Conference Centre is the Coast's newest  venue , offering a diversity of arts, entertainment and cultural opportunities, with the vision of providing a professional performing arts space on the Central Coast for local artists to showcase their talent and facilitate a growing program of National ventures. I had [...]

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Sculpture in the Valley – Kangaroo Valley

Sculpture in the Valley is a major Exhibition of outdoor and indoor sculptures, as part of the Arts in the Valley Festival held in Kangaroo Valley on 5th to 7th May.This year it was held at Cedar Grove with majestic views overlooking the valley with lust rolling hills and spectacular sculptures taking advantage of the [...]

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Incinerator – Chatswood 12th April to 2nd May

I have been making a series of origami bird made from various metals and stances. Eagle Eye is made from brushed stainless steel and mounted to a Corten base. Eagle Eye gave me great pleasure in the processes. I had this origami piece in mind for quite a while and experimented with scale, different materials [...]

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Harbour Sculpture – 16th March to 2nd April 2017

We are installing Genessee, and at the moment the weather is sunny but so changeable at this time of year. Again we are faced with rolling clouds coming in and a storm brewing. This piece is not the easiest to install as it is mounted onto a 1 metre concrete block perched on the waters [...]

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Sculpture at Bermagui 3rd March to 13th March 2017

Bermagui -It's a truly stunning location with a host of unique attractions and beautiful quite beaches as far as the eye can see. A mecca fishing spot and places to explore. High winds and heavy rain have dogged us all the way but I am forever grateful for Stephens efforts in helping me install, battle [...]

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