We’re all familiar with the experience of walking into a room and instantly feeling the effects of its atmosphere. Our brains are hardwired to emotionally respond to the visual stimuli of colour, form and light and the mood you create in your home or office has a powerful influence on the way you and others think, communicate and behave.

The presence of artworks within a space has the potential to reinforce positive feelings of relaxation, curiosity, sensuality or confidence.

Each of my pieces is inspired by the beauty of nature. They are designed, hand cut, welded, ground, and fabricated by me.

All exterior works are weather-proofed using materials like colourbond and painted as required or constructed out of Corten (a weathering steel) that has the rust effect without ever rusting through.

Take a look around and see what piece connects with you. It may excite or soothe you, or remind you of memories past. Having that piece in your own home will create a constant, affirmative reminder of that memory. Fill your space with joy.

Recent News

  • Fringe Festival

    Annandale Creative Arts Centre -  81 Johnson Street, Annandale Friday 20th September to Sunday 6th October, 2019 Creative Conversation: Land - Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow The Land: Yesterday In the early 1900’s pastoral land was abundant. The [...]

Lake Lights – Jindabyne

Lake Lights is a unique exhibition – it is intended that you visit the venue after dark! Every  sculpture is lit, some with just a light pointing to the sculpture, whereas others, the lighting [...]

The Raven

The raven is considered a mediator between life and death and many superstitions surround this bird. There are many references to ravens in the world through legends, literature and song. According to one legend, the [...]

Current Exhibition

Incenerator Art Space at Willoughby

Members of the Sculptors Society present a selection of sculptural works ranging from realistic styles to abstract forms, inspired by various subject matter including the female form, environmental concerns, elements of nature and the cosmos.

29 May 2019-16 Jun 2019
Wed-Sun 10am-4pm
2 Small St, Willoughby NSW 2068

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